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Meet Marie Serda - Oil Painter

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marie Serda.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?

I started to paint and draw when I was very young as grandma always bought us some coloriage, and my parents wanted to keep me safe from all the different explorations I could have made in my medieval small village in Ouest South of France. So, mostly, colors were my friends to avoid the dangers of nature, old ruined castles, little rivers etc.. My parents were always busy and I developed my imagination in this generous nature full of memories at the bottom of this old castle where history was still palpable.

Tell us about your art and the inspiration behind it.

My art is like me: simple! During my youth, I have been surrounded by the art my parents brought from North Africa, where the sky, colors, and people are all incredible, and have been inspired by Maxime Noiret, Edgard Dinnet, and other Algerian painters.

As French, I have been inspired also by all the impressionist painters: Cezanne, Renoir, Monet, and Mary Cassatt.. and I love to add inside my work a bit of surrealism. It’s my way to be rebellious.

Any news or upcoming events you want us to know about?

I just got my studio in this incredible place.. and I am happy to announce an exhibition in APRIL at the VISUAL PHILOSOPHY GALLERY, in San José. (So please, come for the opening on the second Saturday of the month with the company, between 11 am and..2 pm to enjoy the show and the petits fours!!)

YOU ARE INVITED. Seeing you there will make my day.

I will specifically show some big paintings and surprises to CELEBRATE NATURE and the upcoming MOTHER’S DAY.

Welcome to all!

Contact Info:

- Facebook : @MarieSerda


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