About The ArtWorks

The Alameda ArtWorks was originally a San Jose municipal building used as an auditorium for meetings, conferences, expositions, and theatrical and musical performances. Since then, it has gone through several transformations. At one time the long, open, arena-like space served as a ballroom and dance hall. Some San Jose residents remember it as the Auditorium Roller Rink. When the rink closed, the building's decades-long history as an activities center temporarily ended.


In 1991, Mr. Falko Forbrich purchased the building and converted it to studios which now provide work space for dozens of artists working in a wide range of mediums. The beautifully refinished hardwood floors in the wide hall are the original surface on which San Jose skaters happily whirled.


The artwork produced, creative art classes taught in the sunny, skylit studios, our Open Studios, Swan Day and other events have once again revived the building's energy and vitality.