We, as the artists at Alameda Artworks dedicate our soul to the creations of artworks


For some, it is an act of documentation, the portrayal of reality, or a representation of ideology 


With each different background, we have developed a second skin separate from the norm


And purposely confine ourselves within these walls

To break the rules

Searching for that ultimate beauty of work, an adventure beyond our imagination, 

and a new perspective in life

Welcome to the 2022 Alameda Artworks Spring Shop & Tour Event


Where 30+ artists await you to share a glimpse of their burning souls

April 9 - 10

11 - 5 PM

1068 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

Free Admission & parking

Masks are required indoors

Masks & sanitizers are available

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Participating Artists

Alex Ramirez, Carmen Arjona- Ariza, Chris Bunz, Gloria Huet, Marc Cassad, Patti Linder-Dodd,
Phyllis Jenkins, Sara Cole, Sienna Geneve, Shirley Burke, Susan Babbel, Yolanda Guerra, 
And many more!