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Gloria Huet

The Annex 17


"Structured yet free-spirited, my art reflects the tension between rigid Asian traditions and a flexible Western lifestyle. Born and raised in Korea before moving to the US as a teenager, I embody both cultures.  Though I work intuitively and from imagination, I am often surprised by structure and lively, expressive lines that appear out of nowhere and lend a sense of vibrant stability.

I enjoy oil paint, especially its expressive physicality. Torn Kozo paper or silk fabric collaged onto a substrate and combined with oil paint make up my mixed media works.  They are a tribute to my double cultural identity, an Asian American.  I also feel a natural affinity to monotype, a printmaking technique, especially suited to painters in its innate flexibility lending spontaneity and innovation during the process.  

My goal is to create a work that appears fresh and spontaneous at first glance, yet provides a lingering visual impact for those who choose to probe further.

Rising Hope_edited.jpg
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